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I have done both Vanquish and CoolSculpting to get rid of the extra fat on my stomach and have been very happy with the results, however I have never experienced anything like Emsculpt. It was amazing to me how much more toned my abs got than I had been able to accomplish in the gym. I am 51 years old and its a lot harder to tone up than it use to be. I did 4 treatments, (2 treatments a week for 2 weeks in a row). I really want to do more of these and see how good my stomach can get.
I’ve been in the fitness & nutrition industry for 20 years now and I have tried everything to get my butt to have shape and size like I always have wanted. I have tried every exercise known to man & never have seen results like what I got from this procedure in my life. It was worth every penny I paid and I would do it again in a heart beat. I have so much more confidence now and just feel good about myself.
This is such a cool device and was completely comfortable. The next day my entire abdomen felt stronger and could definitely feel a difference after only one treatment. Muscles felt slightly fatigued but not sore. I can’t wait for my next treatment.
Comfortable, Painless. I just finished my 4th Emsculpt treatment and I am blown away with the results. My stomach was relatively flat but even after working out for the last 7 years consistently 4x a week I have never been able to get a 6 pack until now I have an 8 pack and it’s not just when I’m flexing in the right lighting like in the past. I Definitely would recommend this treatment to anyone looking for Body Sculpting.
I truly am pleased with my emsculpt results! Wow. Emsculpt is amazingly effective! I haven’t seen my 6 pack in years being in my later 40s now. I am so excited to wear a bikini this summer!
The treatment was extremely positive. The procedure was painless and actually somewhat relaxing. The pulsating of the machine felt as if it were truly pulling on the muscles, without being painful. The results were noticeable quickly with tighter feeling and appearing buttocks. Definitely worth it!
I am a lifelong athlete, and I always a maintain a high level of fitness, but I also have to travel a lot, and that cuts into my regimen in a lot of ways. The Emsculpt is unlike any other device I’ve seen. I had the treatment performed on my abdomen. It essentially forces your muscles to contract, but it’s not like those E-stim units that you see online…this is on a whole other level. It does thousands of contractions, and they’re rather intense, but they don’t hurt. It’s very comfortable, you just lay there for a half hour while the device does its thing, and afterwards, you feel as if you just did a gnarly ab workout. I’d figured that it would take some time to see the results from the treatment, but oddly, I looked CONSIDERABLY slimmer the very next morning. I’m not 100% sure how, but it felt as if it had targeted all of the inner abdominal muscles (the ones that you use to suck in your fat gut), and tightened them up, and that seemed like the biggest benefit, because those are the MOST difficult muscles to target…you can really only get them from high intensity running, and my Track and Field days are OVER. The amount of gains that I got from the Emsculpt with just 30 minute treatments would’ve required WEEKS in the gym. I’m truly surprised by the results. It was painless, very comfortable, there was no prep, zero after-care…couldn’t have been simpler. I’d highly recommend it.

* Disclaimer:  Results and patient experience may vary.

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* Disclaimer:  Results and patient experience may vary.

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* Disclaimer:  Results and patient experience may vary.

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* Disclaimer:  Results and patient experience may vary.